Dead BluzDK, no lights, no response


I bought a BluzDK a couple weeks ago (Particle store) and I’ve had it plugged into a Photon Power Shield (v2.1.0), powered by a USB charger plugged into the wall. It had been running a simple program reading an LM35 on A0. While flashing new code (ParticleDev editor via GWS), the module stopped working. No LED flashing, no response to either button.

The Power Shield puts out 5V and the regulator on the DK is making 3.3V. 3.3V is present on the SPI memory and the BLE module. Nothing feels hot to the touch.
I also sky-wired +5V and GND from the Power Shield to the DK and still no response.

Has anyone had reliability issues? Can anyone troubleshoot the BLE module?



So you cannot get the board into bootloader mode? Or do a factory reset? Is there no LED response when trying either of those? If that doesn’t work, it would likely be a hardware issue.

I can’t say we have seen many reliability issues with the hardware, but it could always be possible. If you want to send us an email at we can get you a replacement.


No LED response. I also checked that the LED has power. All its pins are at 3.3V.
I will send an email.