Debug serial output stops working


@eric, I flashed a bluz with debugging mode enabled running the simple Spark.function() blink example. I have a USB-to-serial adapter hooked up to the bluz serial pins and the STLinkV2 hooked up for flashing code. At first, the serial output worked as expected. However, after some time (not quite sure how much), the serial output stopped working though the bluz is still connected and responding (to blink function call). I closed my terminal, unplugged the USB-serial adapter and replugged it all in to see if that was what stalled but no luck. So this is an FYI :smile:


Yes, I think there is a bug there with the Serial library. I need to fix it. Basically, I think after a while it can hang. I noticed it too a few times and did open an issue in the github repository for it: