Design Files starting to go on GitHub


We have setup bluz on GitHub and are going to start posting design files as we work on there. So far, it is just some hardware files, including datasheets for major parts, pinouts, our Eagle library for the MDBT40, and the schematic (which is still a Work in Progress). This will grow quickly in the coming weeks as we start to finalize designs and order final prototypes.

Still, you can start to follow along and see how we will design and build bluz!



Are there information about GPIO specs?

I see that the GPIO cannot provide the norm “20mA” per pin.


There’s some more information in the pin-out diagram here: Bluz DK Pinout Preview

Is there any specific information you are looking for?


Today we posted the first pass at routing the bluz board on its new 4-layer PCB with all the components on top. There is still work to do for cleanup and tweaking, but we are getting closer to ordering our first batch of boards for testing.

You can see the Eagle files here:


Starting to get some boards in based on the new designs, here you can see the new gateway shield, which includes breakouts for both the Core/Photon and the BLE boards


New boards are coming in and we are assembling and testing as we receive them. Here is the gateway shield fully assembled:

And here is the battery shield assembled:

The bluz boards are on-order and just shipped out today, so we should have a picture of the new bluz board design early next week!