digitalWrite to Analog pins


Is it possible to use the digitalWrite function on an analog pin(A4)? This is possible on Photon but not sure if it is possible on Bluz or not. I am trying the following:

pinMode(A4, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(A4, HIGH);
digitalWrite(A4, LOW);

I do not see the analog pin going high or low. If just stays low.

If this is not possible can you do an analogWrite(not PWM) to set the voltage output of the Analog pin?


This does work on A0 but not A4.
pinMode(A0, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(A0, HIGH);
digitalWrite(A0, LOW);


This should work on all pins. What are you hooking up to test it?


Just a fluke volt meter. I just have the line going high and low in a loop and monitor it with the meter. Like I said A0 works but for some reason A4 does not. Have not tested all other pins. Really not a big deal for my application. Once again I am on the develop branch so maybe there is an issue there.