DK not connecting to Gateway Shield


I have a Bluz DK and a Gateway Shield. The DK connected to the Gateway shield and everything was working fine for a couple of weeks.

I made a minor change to the Electron on the Gateway and uploaded the new firmware. Now, the DK would not connect and keeps flashing green. The change I made was not related at all to the Gateway parts.

Also, I tried connecting to the DK through the phone (it should not connect because it is in SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL); mode). It did connect! Even though it is breathing cyan, it cannot be seen on the IDE. It is also not found in a Bluetooth scan.

What could have happened?

Thanks in advance.


It is possible any code changes to the Electron could have caused problems. What changes were made? Did you upgrade the system firmware of the Electron in the process?

Even in MANUAL mode, the device will connect to a smartphone. However, it should blink white and not cyan. In this mode, it wouldn’t be visible in the IDE.


Thank you @eric. I found a bug in my Gateway code that caused incorrect values on the DK.