Does not connect to gateway after changing advertising name


I just changed the advertising name of one of my boards using BLE_ADV_NAME, I can connect to it using my Phone, but the device will no longer get online using the Gateway. Is the Gateway looking for “Bluz DK” specifically?


Yes, each gateway looks for devices based on advertising name. This is intentional so that it is easy to create “networks” of gateways/devices.

You can change the name the gateway is looking for. There is a Particle function to call that will set it, just make sure you are calling it on the nrf51 piece (ID starts with b1e23). So from the CLI you would do:

particle call setGWTarget “”

This will be saved in flash and persist through power resets, so the gateway will retain this value until you explicitly change it again.

We are going to expose this in the code for the Photon/P1 soon as well, but it is perfectly fine to call it through the Particle function for now. The nrf51 portion of the gateway runs a normal app, you can see the code here if you are interested: