Eagle CAD files


Will you be setting up a github repo with eagle CAD “footprint” for the Bluz?


Yes, we will try and do that quickly. We are currently working on what I refer to as v1 rev B. It is not exactly perfect as of now. I can send this out if you want to see it, but it will change a lot in the next rev as I move all components on top and re-work the pin mappings a bit.

The board will be the exact same dimensions as the Core. The pin mappings will be very close. Perhaps I can send out a pin mapping first if that is what you are interested in?


@eric, the pin map would be great and I would rather wait for the newer CAD layout seeing that so many changes are being made :smile:


I uploaded the pinout to a new thread, you can see it here:


This topic is old but I’m wondering if there is now an eagle part with the bluz DK footprint available? I’ve looked around and haven’t been able to locate one.


We don’t have a footprint if you are trying to add this to another PCB. Are you looking just to add he headers on your own board?

What we will often use is the Particle footprint for the Core, it is the same. You can download that from their repository for hardware


Thanks, that works well.