Errors in gateway library?


I’ve been trying to compile the tutorial example for local communications in the gateway, when I got these
compiler error messages. As far as I can tell from a quick look at existing postings, this hasn’t been covered before;
if it is, apologies, and could someone direct me to the relevant thread.


What device are you trying to compile for? Photon? Electron?


I’m compiling for the Photon.


Strange, those errors seem to indicate the platform ID is not correct. They usually come when compiling for the wrong type of device.

The Photon you are compiling for, is it listed as a Photon in the Devices tab? Or is it possible it is listed as some other device type? Can you send a screenshot of the device you have selected for compiling?


You’ve put your finger on the problem. I had the wrong device type selected. When I select a Photon, the compilation errors disappear. Thanks very much for your help and quick replies. :slight_smile: