External regulator needed?


I have 2xCR2032 coin battery holder and would like to power the BluzDK as well as a single NeoPixel, do I need an external power regulator/supply? This will all be placed into a tight case that has a diffuser on top so I am also open to non-addressable LEDs or any other solution that will give me ability to change the color of the light based on other conditions. Suggestions?


There is another thread about neopixels and bluz, there can be some conflicts there based on the SoftDevice. However, a single pixel should be ok.

As for batteries, you should maybe look into something more robust. CR2032’s aren’t really meant for high current draw, so depending on how the neopixel is setup and how much current it draws, it could seriously cut into your battery life. AA, AAA or LiPo may work better for your needs.


So I’ve been plugging away at this and here is here I am at (image below but is mostly a bluzDK moved around so far). I want a make this be as tightly packaged as possible and in the future I may have a user serviceable battery compartment. The whole rig will go into a PE based sphere that is sealed. I will be determining battery size etc but could use some guidance. Here are some of the design goals:
-As small as possible (the larger the waterproof area the more $$ manufacturing is)
-Drive a led/s enough for the color to be seen when in full sun (Sphere is a “diffused” PE vacuum molded shell)
-Rechargeable is preferred over replacing batteries (thinking inductive/small contact charging in final version)

TLDR Here: Given a LiPo input that will exceed VIN capabilities and need to drive LEDs should I be looking at DC/DC stepdown convertor like this (http://www.mikrocontroller.net/attachment/150645/157764-da-01-en-DC_DC_WANDLER_R_78C5_0_1_0.pdf) or a different direction? If so do I tie VOUT to the LDO? What would be the best way to power the LEDs and the DK?

Current size is 1.5inch diameter (Silver Dollar)