Firmware Plan, v1.1.47, and Gateway Release


I know there has been some questions and topics swirling about the next release and what it will include. So I wanted to break down the current plan.

There are two main branches of development at the moment:

  • develop: bluz DK firmware only. This is the branch that 1.0.47 was based from and has only received minor fixes and features since we released it

  • gateway_develop: bluz Gateway Shield only. This branch was split from 1.0.47 after release. It has been modified pretty heavily as adding in the gateway shield code meant splitting/joining some libraries and also changing how some peripherals work.

The fixes/changes that are in the develop branch are:

  • Add the ability to talk to bluz directly, without the cloud, from a smartphone app
  • Support for SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) where bluz won’t connect to the cloud
  • Fix a bug in analogWrite where only the first call to the command would work, subsequent calls would fail
  • Fix a bug where the socket buffer could overrun. This was most prevalent if the user’s loop() function had a delay and a Particle.publish inside. It would cause bluz to lock up
  • Stop running the user loop() function during OTA updates. This will make it so that the loops will not slow down the update if there is a delay in them
  • millis() had a bug where it would roll over in 36 hours, instead of the defined 49 days. This is fixed.

So, I think the best plan is to cut a release of the current develop branch with these fixes. While nothing is super major, there is definitely enough here to warrant a new release, even if it is just because of the buffer overrun bug which I know people have been hitting. I plan to do this in the next week.

We will then merge these fixes into gateway_develop, and release 1.0.47 for the gateways once we start shipping.

So next week, we will have 1.1.47 for bluz and 1.0.47 for gateways.

After that, I will merge Particle 0.4.9 (or is 0.5.0 release yet?) into gateway_develop and use that branch moving forward as the main develop branch for both bluz DK and the gateway shield. We can then add the Timer libraries and other new features there and cut releases for both products from one branch.

Anyway, long read, just wanted to get the plan out there for the next release cycle.

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