First look at an app to connect to the Particle Cloud


GoGlove is the first product to use bluz, since, hey, we build both.

Recently we started to release our SDK for GoGlove so developers can control their apps with it. As GoGlove uses bluz, the cloud access part is built-in and you can start to see the source code for it.

This SDK is still very much beta, and things will change. Notable pieces missing from the Particle cloud access at this point include error handling (such as if the phone loses connection to the cloud) and handling multiple devices (which GoGlove won’t need, but will be added in the final bluz app). Also, we will start to separate this out at some point so there is only one place for the code.

Still, for those interested in building apps, you can start to see how we will access the cloud from bluz. Things will change a lot in the coming weeks, so check back often, but still a good first preview.

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