Gateway Bi-weekly WiFi Disconnect and Duplicate Gateway Listings


I got my Bluz dk’s and gateway a month or so ago. I added the gateway to my network, claimed it, paired a bluz dk and did some testing. I still need to work on my bluz dk system hardware, so I haven’t had anything connected to the gateway. About every two weeks, my phone will connect to the gateway, as if it hadn’t been provisioned. I unplug it, plug it back in, connects to the cloud instantly. What’s up with that?

Also, in my device list on, I have two devices listed, a P1 AND a Bluz Gateway. The Gateway device ID matches the one on the bluz console. I don’t ever plan on trying to flash the gateway, but I certainly didn’t expect to see two devices for the single gateway unit.


@nicks1863: Do you mean your phone connects to the WiFi of the P1 module? Is the RGB LED in the gateway blinking blue when this happens?

If the above are true, then this is a simple issue we have already fixed. You can flash the newest bluz gateway library, which has the fix, to your gateways P1, just follow the instructions for the gateway shield setup here:

The gateway and gateway shield use identical code, so just follow the instructions for the shield.

The issue had to do with re-entering WiFi setup mode if it disconnected for 60 seconds. This was meant as an ease-of-use enhancement where you could easily re-setup credentials for WiFi if you moved the gateway to a new location. The problem is, sometimes other factors could cause it to disconnect for 60 seconds, thus it would enter setup mode even if it was already connected to WiFi but hadn’t power cycled. The solution was just to only do the 60 second rule on power up, so it would only enter setup mode after 60 seconds if it had never been connected to WiFi already.

As for the second, this is perfectly normal. The reason is simple, there are two MCU on the gateway shield and they can both get OTA firmware updates. So they both are Particle devices for this reason.