Gateway settings



How do I set the connection interval?

“The bluz console can be used to claim gateway shields, update their firmware to the newest version, and program Particle devices to work with them”

Im only able to claim the gateway, is the plan to ad connection intervall settings to the console?




Great question.

Yes, the plan is to allow the console to control these settings, but it isn’t there quite yet. We are currently working on the ability to update firmware versions through the console. Then, we will start to add support for controlling settings and displaying which bluz DK’s are connected through which gateways. The console will expand quickly over the coming weeks and months, and we will be sure to update everyone as we roll out features.


Thanks for the update Eric. I have only been tinkering with the bluz for a couple of hours as it arrived today, but what a great ad on to the particle family, great work!!