Gateway shield - How to power it?


Dear all,

I am new to Bluz. I am using a particle electron for a project and I want to add low power devices for getting some data, report them to the particle and then publish them online. So I discovered Bluz!

Everything looks nice, but I have one question:

Until now I was using this nice shield to power my electron and connect it with sensors:
Now, if I will use the gateway shield, what would you suggest to power the electron ( and the gateway shield)? I use wall power outlet. How would I connect the electron to the sensors?

Thank you!


Can you clarify a bit of the setup? You need to power an electron, some sensors, a Bluz Gateway Shield and… I suspect you will also need a BluzDK? Or do you intend to connect the gateway to the sensors?

I would keep the electron on the existing power shield and find alternate power for the BluzDK and the Gateway.
If you don’t need the IO pins of the gateway shield, or you don’t want to sacrifice a Photon, buy the USB Gateway. Plug that into a USB wall charger out of the way.
The Bluz can run on a coin cell for a long time, using a battery shield. Or…
You can use the Electron power shield from the Particle store, or the Photon battery shield from Sarkfun. Both will provide 3.3V for the BluzDK and come with a LiPo battery and charger. The Photon shield needs a little wiring first.
With any of these you will still need a USB wall charger, or other 5V source.
Whatever you decide on, double check that you don’t connect 5V directly to the BluzDK!!!
I just noticed the 2-Channel 1-Amp Relay Board from the Bluz store. You will be able to connect some sensors to this board. I am not sure how/if it powers the BluzDK.
You might have already found the store for Bluz, but here it is again:
BTW: The Gateway Shield is out of stock!



Dear Pescatore,

Thank you for your help!
Sorry for the confusion.
My idea project is composed by two devices:

Device 1 containing: Particle electron, connected to the gateway shield. (i also connect to the electron a display, so I need to use some pins of the electron). Device 1 has to be powered by the wall outlet. GOAL of device 1: receive by bluetooth and send to cloud data collected by Device 2.

Device 2 containing: Bluz DK, connected to sensors and powered by batteries. GOAL of device 2: collect data and send them via bluetooth to the particle electron, to be published online.

So I have to find the best way to power the Device 1.

Thank you,



When you say

Device 1 containing: Particle electron, connected to the gateway shield.

do you mean plug the Electron in the GWS socket header instead of a Photon? In that case you can still power it from a USB wall charger or power adapter, but I am not sure how well it will multitask between running the gateway code, reading your sensors and managing the display. You might want to check wait for @eric to respond.

My experience is with the Photon into a GWS, talking to three BluzDKs. You have to take care not to use too many published variables (less than 10) and not to interfere with the gateway functions.


Thank you.
Yes I mean the electron in the GWS socket header.

I do not have sensors in device 1, only electron + GWS + display from 4D systems.

For published variables you mean variables that I publish as particle.publish()?



For the original question, yes, you can power the Electron on the GWS via the USB connector either on the Electron itself, or the GWS.
The display will need power, probably from the Electron 5V pin. Be mindful of the amount of power you draw. You don’t want to create transients for the BLE module running on the GWS at 3.3V.
As I mentioned earlier, I would wait for feedback regarding the Electron juggling all these tasks. The new thread you opened is a good move.

Yes, I mean particle.publish() variables. Too many variables overwhelmed my Photon and caused it to go offline intermittently.