Gateway Shield Issues


I would appreciate the community’s expertise on my question below:

I have a Gateway Shield with an Electron listening to 2 DKs. If the Electron is “left alone”, everything works rather well and the Electron updates the channel regularly from data it receives from the connected DKs. However, things go badly (mostly loss of DK connection, and sometimes Electron restarts) if I check for Particle variables or execute Particle functions on the Electron. (The Particle functions and variables on the Electron do not send anything to the connected DKs).

Is the Gateway shield connection to DKs subject to these potential issues? The final application need not check for variables or execute functions on the Electron. I am doing this now often to debug …


A microcontroller has limited resources. Your user code can only operate so fast and do so much, and on the gateway the Electron is also managing connections for other devices. The gateway needs to pass data back and forth in a timely manner, otherwise yes, the connection from the DK’s to the cloud could be interrupted.

If the functions you are calling aren’t doing a lot of processing or taking a lot of time, it shouldn’t make much of a difference. But if they are triggering actions that could slow down the gateway processing, then yes, it could interrupt DK connections.