Gateway shield set up


@eric, D7 is not blinking even after un-seating Photon and and re-seating with USB power plug in. I followed this instruction,


Does D7 blink once when you give the board power?

Is the latest code flashed to the Photon? Are you using the new library? Is the Photon online and breathing cyan before you plug it into the gateway shield?



  1. D7 did not blink at all
  2. I flash bluz_gateway version 1.6.0 from particle IDE.
  3. Yes, photon is breathing cyan before I plug it back into gateway sheild


If you plug the USB cable directly into the gateway shields USB port (with the Photon removed), D7 doesn’t blink once?

If that is true, then this looks like an issue with the hardware. If so, can you email us at and we will get you a replacement.


@eric, I thought your document was referring to D7 of the Photon. There is no D7 on the gateway board. I see one blinking white led (marked L2) and one solid white led (L1) on the board.


Sorry for the confusion, yes, the LED that should blink is labeled L2 and also connected to D7 of the gateway shields nrf51. So is the gateway working properly?

You want to hook a temp sensor to the Photon? It can be possible, as long as it doesn’t take too much time. Any other code running on the Photon will block it from processing the gateway data. This may or may not cause issues depending on what you are doing and how long you are blocking the gateway code. The most critical time is when other bluz DK’s are connecting to the cloud, but as long as you aren’t putting long delays() anywhere, it may work just fine.

I would suggest trying it first without the temp sensor code, then with it, and see if you notice any issues.


@eric, thanks for the clarification on the LED L2.

What I would like to do is having BluzDK (#1) locally connect to BluzDK (on the gateway board) and have Photo process the information BluzDK (#1), like DS1820 temp or DHT 22 sensor data. I saw a similar example in your tutorial for Bluz Local connection. I will try it tomorrow.