Gateway Shield Spark/Photon code


So, I realize that when using the gateway shield the Spark attached to it will need to have code specifically for interfacing with the Bluz, but I’m curious if there will be room/processing power to integrate some user code onto the spark as well. Thanks!


Yes, you will be able to run other code too.

Each Bluz board is relatively low bandwidth, the biggest usage we will have is buffers for each to store data to/from the cloud. So there will be some RAM usage for that, but otherwise they will be pretty open to do other things

We got other feedback of having some breakout pins on the gateway shield so you can hook up other components, so we are looking into that as well


Awesome. Count me in for wanting breakout pins on the gateway shield! That would be fantastic.


We are still waiting for the Photons to come in and have developed around the Spark Core, but pretty much all of the IO is taken up already. Can the gateway be used with the photon without using any of the IO ports? Does it piggyback the SPI? We are anxious to add BLE to our project ASAP and are introducing the product line in October.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Bad digital humor, sorry.



The gateway shield will take some IO lines to communicate back-and-forth. The current version does this over UART, but we are probably going to switch to SPI.

I am interested to hear more about your project. How are you planning on adding BLE? Is the Photon a central hub that does some other tasks and interfaces to some remote devices?

If you want to talk offline, just email us at and we can chat about what may work for you.


My needs are similar to analogue. I have a Photon serving as an HVAC controller with most of the IO pins already in use. I was hoping to add the Bluz Gateway to it through I2C or SPI. The plan is to have numerous remote Bluz modules sending back temperature and other measurements.


@eric - I have a very happy GWS and Photon breathing nicely on my dining room table at home. Obviously the setup / example code makes the GWS look for other Bluz devices nearby (of which I have none… yet).

Does anyone have any code which would allow the GWS to show which other BLE devices are nearby, even of different brands?

I also realise the pairing etc. might be more complicated, but that is step 2… right now I just want to get it to see other BLE devices, show their name (or UUID I think) and then try to connect.