HID Keyboard / Mouse Emulation


Has anyone used a bluz for HID Keyboard / Mouse Emulation? would be interested in anyone’s thoughts on a development path or completed implementations

Are HID Profiles supported?

The ultimate use of HID with bluz is in our other product called GoGlove, we use the HID commands as a media remote.

However, that was done in the system firmware level. As of now, we don’t have support at the user level to turn bluz into any kind of a HID device. It is something that has been requested from time to time, do you have a particular need or use for this at the moment? We’d love to hear about it


Charlotte Internet of things IOT Meetup group is doing work on assistive devices one of which is the lipsync and looking for options. We have working esp32 code but we prefer the ability to update firmware remotely and a more secure device.