How can I tell that Gateway Shield Bluetooth module is working?



I received my Bluz DK and Gateway shield a few days ago. I am using a Photon on the Gateway to connect to the internet.

I have now spent over 2 days getting a DK to work with a Gateway Shield module with limited (not repeatable) success. I would get it to work, make a small code change and it would stop working. For the last few hours, after starting everything from scratch again, I have been unable to get the Gateway to connect to my DK.

I have followed the instructions in ( and have claimed the Shield. I can see it online. I then used the instructions here ( for local communications. On powering the Gateway, the Photon connects and ultimately, I get the every 2-second flash.

My DK module is definitely working fine. When connected to my phone, it does blink White. However, I can never connect it to the Gateway which renders the DK useless for my application. The DK just keeps flashing green.

I would appreciate help in getting this to work. Since I am sure the DK module’s bluetooth is working, then why is the bluetooth module on the gateway not picking up the signal and connecting?

Is there a way to find out if the bluetooth chip on the Gateway is defective?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Did you happen to change the advertising name of bluz with this command?



Hi @eric:


As you can tell, I have a less than rudimentary understanding of all of this :slight_smile: so I would not have issued that command. I never saw this before.

All I had done earlier before you explained is reset the DK multiple times and it is working fine.

BTW, I read an entry in the forum back in April 2016 about hot entry of the Photon (connecting the USB to the Photon while out of the shield) then inserting it in the shield after it connects.

The first time I did it, the DK did connect! But then, I could never repeat this.

Just from all my trials, I suspect the culprit to be the Gateway firmware but please let me know what else can I try?

I am also using the latest firmware for the Photon. Was the Gateway shield developed for an earlier firmware? Does it matter?



Have you updated the gateway shield nrf51822 firmware? That can be done on our console at

Certainly try that.


OK, I will now.

How do I find out the firmware that is on it? On the Particle IDE, it says no firmware …


I went to but it only shows a picture of the Gateway along with its ID.

I then got the latest Gateway firmware from Github and flashed it successfully. However, still no connection …


If you needed to upgrade the firmware on your gateway shield, then the console should have presented a way to do that. Can you DM me the ID of the gateway shield (the one that starts with b1e2… and is on

Hmmm… I am not sure what else could be going on. I just tried out the code from the tutorial to make sure there wasn’t some bug introduced from our side recently, and it does indeed work just fine on my setup.

What firmware version is running on the Photon?

When did you receive your gateway shield? If it is connecting to the cloud, I doubt it is damaged, but I suppose it is possible.


Can you try one thing, can you modify the setup function of the Photon code to look like this:

void setup() {

So you are going to add the one line for set_connection_parameters below the gateway init function. Give that a shot and let me know if it helps, I did see some strange message from your gateway at one point about invalid connection parameters.


I made the modification and even tried different ranges but still the same problem …


With that change, do you see an event in the Particle dashboard about setting the parameters?

Also, is the LED on the gateway shield always blinking at a steady one time every two seconds (once it is connected)?

When you flashed the code from GitHub, can you point me to the files you used?


Yes, please see above.

Yes, LED on the gateway shield always blinking at a steady one time every two seconds.

I clicked on login.html of the zip file located here:


I am not sure what else could be the issue. If you are ok with it, why don’t you email us at, please include your shipping address and we can swap out that gateway shield. Sorry for the inconvenience, this is very much not the experience we hope our customers have and it is pretty rare to see.


OK, thank you for your service. I would really like to see this working. I will write to you on the email you listed.