How do I read the value of RSSI at a Bluz DK?


RSSI values are provided in the Bluz app, but is there a simple command to read the value of RSSI on the Bluz DK?

Read Bluz DK RSSI From Gateway

That isn’t in the firmware yet, but I just opened a new ticket for it:

This is pretty straight forward so it should be able to get into the next release.


That would be great! Thank you very much.


Hi @eric,

is there an update on this topic?
I am asking because I am attending a kind of hackathon in about two weeks and this feature would be really important for my project idea. Are there any commands in the firmware I can use to receive the RSSI?
As I found out the redbear duo supports this but BluzDK in combination with the Gateway and an Electron or Photon would suit perfect for me needs.

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This is something that we can probably add pretty quickly.

Just to clarify, where do you want to read the RSSI from? The gateway shield, measuring the RSSI of bluz? Or on bluz, measuring RSSI of the gateway shield?

Let me know. Thanks


Thanks for your fast reply @eric!
I think both would be very useful but the most important one would be to be able to measure the RSSI from the Gateway shield. So I would know how good the connection to the bluzDK is.

Thank you very much for your support! :slight_smile:


Ok, I got around to adding the RSSI measured from the DK:

This will be in the next release. I am working on adding it to the gateway side as well, it is a little different and I am trying to roll this issue in with issue #42 as well. That may take a bit longer to get working.

Note that is the TX power of the DK is set to the same value as the gateway (which is 0dBm), then the RSSI measurements should basically be reciprocal. So if the DK is measuring -75dBm, then the gateway should see the same if the DK is transmitting at 0dBm.

Likewise, you can calculate the RSSI at the gateway. If the RSSI at the DK is -75dBm and the DK is transmitting at -8dBm, then the gateway should be seeing -83dBm. This won’t be 100% accurate, but should be a good approximation.


Thank you very much for your fast help @eric! Today I have managed to get local compiling working so I think I will be able to test this new feature soon :slight_smile: