How to boost voltage from pins?



I have a project where I am using a DK to set a pin (momentarily) to HIGH to trigger a camera. The challenge is that the camera is about 25 feet away so the voltage received by the camera becomes too low.

How can I boost the voltage to say 8V or 10V so that I can get at least 4-5v at the camera? I tried voltage step-up regulators but they suffer from an unacceptable delay in boosting the voltage.

Any help is appreciated.


You could use transistors as a switch to control the higher voltage (you would still need a boost converter or something to get the higher voltage). This would be much more responsive than trying to use a boost converter directly. Search for high side switches, you should be able to build one with 2 transistors, an NPN and a FET.


Thank you @pnoyes. I searched “high side switches” and found a lot of stuff but all above my knoweldge :-(.

Can I use something like the board below? How can it be wired?

Thanks in advance.


I am not sure if that will work. Does it have the ability to boost to higher than its supply voltage?