How to connect bluz dk with bluz gateway?


Hi all,

I just received bluz order today and wanted to get started.
I have found no clear instruction on linking bluz dk with bluz gateway (usb type).
I have connected and claimed bluz dk first through iOS app.
Then I plugged in bluz gateway to usb power source and connected to WiFi network with particle iOS app. I claimed my gateway through bluz console.
And then what should I do to connect bluz dk with bluz gateway?
Is the process automatic?

Another question is that I have learnt that no programming is required for bluz gateway… But I am seeing P1 in my device list. Does that mean that I have access to overwrite the program loaded in P1 located in bluz gateway? Or don’t I really need to program the gateway at all if my sole purpose for gateway is just to connect bluz dk to cloud?



Correct, once the gateway is operating and on WiFi, any bluz device in range will connect automatically. There is no extra programming required for the P1 module. Your bluz DK device must not be connected to the app, a DK cannot connect to two things at once, so just make sure it isn’t connected to the app and you will see it automatically connect to the gateway.

Yes, the P1 device will be claimed to your account and you can technically re-program it with other firmware. This will mean the gateway will stop working, so you shouldn’t flash anything to it if you want to connect bluz DK only.


Hi, I was trying to connect my Bluz DK to the USB Gateway, How do I know if the Bluz DK is indeed connected to the gateway? Is there a way to reset the Bluz DK back to factory?



You can check out our tutorial on getting started, this should guide you through connecting your bluz DK to the gateway for the first time:

There is a way to factory reset the DK, but unless you have loaded bad code this shouldn’t be necessary.

Could you maybe provide a little more detail around the problem you are facing? What behavior do you see and what are you trying to accomplish?


Thanks for the reply. I had followed the Getting Started guide at first. I was able to claim the cores using the iPhone app as if they were photons. However I could not figure how to make the Bluz DKs go through the Gateway instead of thru the App. After a few tries, I ended up with the Bluz DK blinking Magenta and I cannot seem to get it out of that state. On the other hand, the Gateway (USB) seems to be claimed fine and I am able to load sketches into it using the Particle Web IDE.

One more question is about the function of . It only worked for me once, and now it always shows that no gateways have been detected. According to the Guides under Bluz Community Docs, it seems there should be some function for updating firmware on that page, however I do not see that anywhere.


Did you change the code on the P1 module in the gateway? That would certainly make it stop working. The gateway comes pre-loaded with the proper gateway firmware and there is no need to flash any code to it.

If the gateway doesn’t have the correct firmware on the P1 side, then it will not show up in You should follow the instructions in the docs to re-flash the gateway sketch to the P1 module and then it should show up in again.


Thanks, I reflashed the P1 in the gateway following the instructions under gateway setup. Do I need to reclaim it? What should I see in


You don’t need to reclaim it. In console you should see a graphic of the gateway with the ID underneath.

What is the white LED on the gateway doing? You should see it blink rapidly (2 times a second) when you first power the gateway and after about 10-15 seconds it will blink slowly (once every 2 seconds). Is it doing that?


Ok, I think I finally got the gateway to show correctly on the console. It went thru multiple sequences of blinking colors: super fast green -> fast cyan -> super fast green -> fast cyan -> slow cyan. Now it shows on the console.
Now, how do I connect the Bluz DK to it? My Bluz DK is super slow blinking magenta (2-3 seconds)


So if you plug in the gateway, the RGB LED should cycle like you mentioned. Once that is done, there is a second white LED that will start blinking quick for 10-15 seconds, and then will blink slowly. Do you see this?

In console, do you see a graphic of the gateway with a valid ID (b1e2…) underneath it?

If you leave bluz DK off during the entire above process, and then turn it on, what happens on the bluz DK LED?


Yes, I got the gateway to show up on the Bluz console. The RGB light is slowly blinking cyan and the white led is blinking very slowly (every 4 seconds). I left the Bluz DK on for several minutes, and it has been slow blinking magenta (2-3 seconds).


Did you perform a factory reset in the DK? If so, this is normal. Check in the Web IDE or Dashboard and you will likely see that the device is online. If so, you can flash new code to it to get it out of this state.


You are correct! Now I see it on the Web IDE, however the odd thing is, it shows no firmware available and I am not able to flash to it. Compilation is giving “Error: 500. Please try again later. If the issue persists, please report to”


That sounds like a temporary issue with the Particle Web IDE. I don’t see any status alerts at the moment, so you may want to wait a bit and try again. If the issue keeps happening, let me know for sure and I can try and get ahold of them.


Ok, thanks. it is just the behavior is odd. I am trying a very simple led blink for sanity check. When I select the gateway or any other photon, it compiles fine. However when I select the Bluz DK it gives me the Error 500 as the compilation result. Also usually for any of the photons, including the gateway P1, the firmware drop down will show a list of different firmware versions, while for the Bluz DK it is showing “No firmware available”.


Ah, I see, you are trying to compile against the Bluz Gateway device. You need to compile against the Bluz device. Make sure you have selected the claimed DK in the Web IDE to compile against.


Sorry for the confusion, what I meant is: if I compile the code against the Bluz Gateway, I do not get the Error 500. However when I compile against the Bluz DK, I do get the Error 500.
The code is very simple:

void setup() {

void loop() {
RGB.color(255, 0, 0);
RGB.color(0, 0, 0);


BTW, this is what I see on the web IDE for the Bluz DK:

I omitted the Device ID


What does the banner above the device called Bluz DK 01 device say? Is it:



Does the device ID start with b1e23 or b1e24? Can you send me the device ID through a private message?


Thanks, I sent you a private message with a full snapshot of both gateway and DK.

The bluz DK device ID starts with b1e23