How to exit Safe Mode


The documents say, “To exit Safe Mode, connect bluz to the Particle Cloud” but I’m not clear on the steps needed to do this. I’ve got a Gateway shield set up, I thought maybe the Bluz would automatically connect to it and through it to the particle cloud. I’ve tried unplugging the Gateway shield and connecting to it through the Android app to no avail. Sometimes a “Claim” button appears when I do this, and an “Error claiming device” message shows up when I push it.


Can you DM me the device ID of the DK? Really I just need the first 8 characters, so b1e2ABCD or something like that.

To exit Safe Mode, you need to connect the DK to the cloud and then let the cloud update the system firmware. This can take 1-3 minutes with the app. The device will blink magenta the entire time.

We don’t recommend you do this with the gateway shield. The updates are slower with the gateway shield, it could take up to 10 minutes. So you should sick to using the app until the device has updated its firmware and returns to normal operation.