How to get started without Android or iOS device?


I might be an odd ball, but what should I do if I don’t have access to a Android or iOS device?
I understand there is no Windows Phone support (yet), but is there some other way via a desktop device or a Windows tablet?


At the moment, there is only the gateway shield or the Android app to get bluz connected to the Particle cloud. This can be pretty easily extended to any other platform (rPi, desktop, etc.) as the gateway only reads traffic from BLE and forwards it, byte for byte, to a TCP socket.

Are you looking for a specific platform to be supported? You can start with the gateway shield for now and use that to connect. The necessary steps to port this to another platform aren’t currently documented, but I can give you access to the Android app or I can walk you through it. Let me know


Thanks Eric,
I’ll go the gatway way then for now, but my prefered (day-job) platform is Windows (desktop, tablet, phone), and with Win 10 and continuum and unified apps any effort will be usable on all form factors.


@eric, sorry for this probably stupid question.
Do I not have to claim the GW shield too?

While my DK came in a bag with the divice ID printed on, I can’t find the device ID for the GW device.
How can I claim this device, or is this not meant to be claimed to my account?


That is actually a great question. The gateway shield is not claimable yet. I will soon merge the gateway code into the HAL, it will then become like any other Particle device. For now, though, it is not the case.

Soon I will be able to get the beta testers a procedure to do this, but I am currently focused on getting modules done so I can complete OTA updates.


Microsoft is (or was until very recently) offering some sort of stipend for developing Windows Mobile apps.