IFTTT Integration with Bluz


Hey everyone,

So I have a sensor connected to my bluz that has two outputs and I feed those two outputs into two analog inputs on the microcontroller. These values are then stored into an array over the course of time.

I want to be able to graph these two values on an X-Y graph in a google spreadsheet. I am using the Particle and Google docs channels and I thought I had it set up correctly. However, whenever I create the recipe, the spreadsheet is not created and the data does not show up.

Any thoughts?



The IFTTT integration works quite well, I have used it for some of the demo projects we have done.

Are you pushing the data through a Particle.publish and then using IFTTT from there?


Yes, I use Particle.publish for both values and I can see the values on the dashboard. But for some reason I do not see any data populating a google spreadsheet. According to instructions online, it claims that when you create the recipe, it will automatically create the spreadsheet and the folder in your google drive. I created the recipe and nothing shows up. I cannot even get one axis to populate the google spreadsheet, let alone allowing the recipe to create a spreadsheet.


Hmmm… I just tried this and was able to get a row inserted. I didn’t create the spreadsheet beforehand, it did it for me.

Are you sure the device name and event type/data are specified properly? When you open IFTTT, do you see a any Triggered events in the logs? Are you publishing Private events (not sure if this makes a difference)?


Right, it does not make the spreadsheet for me.

The device name matches what I called my Bluz. Just to confirm, the Event Name is the first String in the Particle.publish statement, my Event Contents is empty, the device name matches what I called it in the scroll down, I called the spreadsheet name “Prototype Data”, Formatted Row is {{EventName}}|||{{EventContents}}, and the drive folder path is “events”.

Theoretically, should it not create a folder called “events” and in that have a google spreadsheet called “Prototype Data” in my google docs?

Not much else to change here…


That is what it did when I tried it. Are you publishing private events?

You mentioned your event contents are empty, perhaps you can try the simplest case possible? So publish something like:

Particle.publish(“Test”, “Test”);

And then you can set up IFTTT to use those exact hard-coded values for the event. I changed very little when I set it up and tested, so it may make sense to start out with a very simple case and see if you can get that to work.