Ios and android apps


Hi, would it be possible to make the ios app (and android app) compatible with older devices (prior ios 9)?
It could be a good solution to connect bluz dk to particle by using an old iPhone or an old Android phone (prior Android 4 devices).
With the actual limitation of the bluz gateway to connect maximum 3 DKs I wanted to use an old phone for my other devices. But the mobile apps need new phones.


Thanks for the suggestion. We generally are more focused on future revisions of mobile OS to keep up-to-date, but I see your point.

Would it instead be possible for you to use our NodeJS version of the gateway? You can find the code here:

That should run on any PC, Mac, Single Board Computer, or other Linux PC that has an internet connection and a Bluetooth LE radio. For example, it can run on cheap Raspberry Pi’s or CHIP’s.


Thank you for the fast reply.
Yes I will try to run it on my nas , directly or with docker.
I want to avoid having another hardware always on so the NAS is a good solution.