IOS app crashes when trying to connect to Photon


Hi, Just received a photon device and I’m trying to go through connecting it to my WiFi however the iPhone app is crashing.

I have connected to the WiFi access point on the Photon (Photon-) and then attempted to connect to the device. I have opened the app and entered ‘+’ on the ‘Your Devices’ window to add my device. I then get the ‘Setup New Device’ pane and I click on ‘Photon’ which navigates me to a screen listing the pre-requisites and I click ‘Ready’. This then takes me to the screen telling me to connect to the network titled 'Photon-’ - I see the busy cursor for a couple of seconds and then the app crashes??

The device has a flashing blue LED which I believe is the correct mode.

I am attempting to connect from an iPhone 6 running IOS 9.3.2.



There is a separate community forums for the Particle devices, we resell them but there is an excellent support community over there. You can access it here:

However, I can try and provide some feedback as well. When you get to the screen that says "Connect to Photon-", do you then switch to your Settings menu and connect to the correct WiFi network? Do you see the crash before/after you connect to the Photons WiFi network? What WiFi network were you connected to prior to joining the Photon- network?

The Photon seems to be in the correct mode. I haven’t seen a similar issue so chances are this must be something specific to your setup. Please let me know, and as I mentioned, you may want to post this on the Particle forums as well as there are people there more knowledgable about Photon particular issues.


Hi Eric,

Ah right sorry - I thought I had posted to the correct forum - apologies!

I see the problem if I am connected to my home network and then switch to the Photon ‘network’ as directed on the screen OR if I start the process of setting up after connecting to the Photon network. Irrespective of which way around I do it I get the exact same behaviour. So, the phone can happily connect to the Photon network its just whatever it does from that setup screen is causing the crash.

Thanks again, if you do not have any other ideas I will post to the other forum.

Thanks again for trying to help and apologies for the mis post! :slight_smile:




Did you ever get this resolved from the Particle forums?


Hi Eric,

Haven’t posted on the other forum yet - got sidetracked with something else. Will get on and do this today.