IOS communication example, range, and mesh


Hi All,
I’ve just ordered some Bluz hardware, for a pet project of mine. I’m currently using a photon and the particle cloud to notify an IOS device, send some data, and interact with a simple app that I’ve built.

I want to cut out the cloud part of the loop, as the shipboard environment where the gadget operates has intermittent internet connectivity over a high latency satellite connection. I’m hoping that Bluz DK might work.

So I have several questions:
One - what sort of range are people finding with a Bluz DK to IOS in an indoor setting, are people really getting the 60-100ft?
Two - Are there any examples of code for this sort of communication? I’ll start from scratch if needed, but if there is something out there already, all the better!
Three - if I have a problem with range, is there a way to use multiple Bluz DK’s to create a mesh network thereby extending the range of the sending unit?



We do have examples and demo code for local communication, a good place to start is our tutorial:

For example iOS code, you can use our open source app to see how to send data to bluz:

There is no way to perform mesh networking, this is something we still have on our roadmap, but there are many other features we want to get to first. Even if there was, it would be specific to Nordic and not necessarily the iPhone. We are sort of waiting to see how the standard shakes out here.