Is bluz still supported by the mobile Particle app?


I just updated the Particle app on my Android and the BlukDK disappeared from the list of devices.
The app has a new filter button and the Bluz is not listed.
My Bluz show up in the WebIDE and ParticleIDE. I can also read the BluzDK variables and status via other apps.
Can anyone reproduce this problem?


Yes, the new app added filtering based on type and some of the compounds were left out. I reached out to the Particle team about this and they are fixing it as we speak. They should have a release out this week, I will keep you posted as i hear more.


The app should now be fixed and you should see your bluz devices in the app


Yep, I can see the Bluz again. Thanks!
There is still something wrong with it compared to a Photon. I publish 6 variables, but the app doesn’t list more than 4.
This has been happening since the previous update, months ago.