Is it possible to connect Bluz Gateway with non-bluz DK BLE Device?


Please know i’ve been reading the docs for a while before I ask this. I have an up and running particle running on a bluz gateway shield. I have the gateway library installed and am looking for some pointers on getting started.

I’m trying to send and read data from a BLE obdII reader. Everything I read in the bluz docs talks about moving data between the bluz gateway and bluz DK’s. Is it possible to connect the gateway to non-bluz BLE devices?

I have a lot of dev experience but no bluetooth experience. It would be really helpful if there was a tutorial on how to handshake and get data from a BLE device to a Bluz Gateway.

Really appreciate the help!


We don’t have a lot of doc around how to do this, but others have, and there are some threads on this in the forums. For example: Bluetooth sensors like

You would have to get into the gateway firmware to do this, so low level C programming with the Nordic SDK. But this certainly is possible.


looks like i’d have to refresh base firmware to do this. Would I still have the particle OTA functionality at that point?

Also, from my cursory look, it doesn’t look like i’d be able to use the particle dev IDE to do this either. Am I correct?


If you change the gateway firmware to connect to other devices, you would still be able to OTA update the gateway. The other BLE device, however, would not be able to get OTA updates, it would need the full Particle stack to do that. From what I understand, you just want to send data from one BLE device to the Particle cloud, which you can do on the gateway and still retain all the Particle support on the gateway itself.

You couldn’t make this change in the Particle IDE, it would require system level firmware changes which must be compiled locally.