Issues when updating to 2.2.50


Hi!, i’m having some issues with upgrading two of my bluzdk devices from 1.147 to 2.2.50 through particle ide. when performing the upgrade from particle ide, after it is apparently updated, no leds lighted on the device, neither i pressed reset. so i decided to perform a factory reset. after performing the factory reset the ststus led stays in solid blue and after some seconds, it turns blinking magenta (ok). but, after that, when i tried to connect to the bluzdk by using the android app, the device id of the device was different from the one showed previously on the particle ide for the same device!!! and from that moment, when i connect to it from the android app, the led blinks blue (no cyan) and after some seconds, it disconnects … and it is not possible to claim the device, beacuse an error is always reported!. I have 2 bluzdk showing the same behaviour when trying to update them does it make sense??? how can i solve this problem and recover my bluzdk??? thanks


If you factory reset the device again, does it work?


Hi @eric, no, it shows the same behaviour … after factory reset, the led is solid blue, then starts slowly blinking magenta, but when i connect it to the android app, some times it blinks blue, and then disconnects, some times blinks magenta, and also disconnects after a while, but it does not connect to the cloud, and the most extrange thing is that, as i told you, the devide id was sometime modified! … please help me on this to recover my two bluz devices!


can it be a problem related to the keys? … it is possible to program the system firmware by UART in case i successfully connect it to a photon device? in that case, where can i get the bin file for the last update? … any other suggestions? thanks