J-Link beats ST-Link on Mac, hands down


So …

My J-Link Lite (clone) from China arrived yesterday. I wanted to get the genuine article. But Segger are being all silly/greedy(?) about it – IE you can’t even buy a J-Link Lite from them any more, it seems. I was prepared for this clone to be money down the drain … but dog gone if it aint just the bee’s knees!

I’ve always had stability issues with the OpenOCD/ST-Link V2 combination. To get it to work at all with the available MacPort STLink utility required a very specific, old firmware version, which took a long time to find… For example, the best I could ever get (using OpenOCD) was a successful flash every other time. Every other other time, it will just time out. Crazy frustrating.

J-Link on the other hand has offical OS X software. You don’t get the GUI. But who needs those awkward things anyway. Just run adalink as in the Bluz docs or fire up JLinkExe and do your own thing. It’s fast (really fast!) efficient. Best of all, it has no problem with partial flashing, so you don’t need a full erase each time.

I sent my ST-Link flying to the nearest rubbish bin. Good riddens. (How hard would it have been for ST to cobble some offical *nix tools together? Makes you wonder.)