Local Communication with Particle Electron


We posted a new firmware release for the gateway shields today that open up the ability to efficiently run the gateway shield from a Particle Electron. These features use local communication from the Electron to each connected bluz DK, allowing you to communicate with bluz without having to go through the Particle cloud (and use up that precious data plan).

This can even be used for battery or solar powered projects, the Electron can sleep the majority of the time and only wake up to poll the connected bluz DK, process/publish the data and then go back to sleep. This is perfect for those remote projects that require a range of devices that can communicate through a central gateway.

You can view the tutorial on the Nordic Semiconductor blog here: https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/blogs/989/tutorial-bluetooth-le-to-cellular-gateway/

Our documentation has been updated for this as well: