Local Name not changed AND some suggestions


Hi Guys , I’m DYING to use this on a commercial product but we have a-few limitations (easily addressed)

When changing the name using BLE_ADV_NAME it only updates the long name, not the short name ‘Local Name’ which is broadcast during advertisement to iOS, The long name is only available by iOS AFTER it has been connected.

It would be really beneficial for Bluz should have its own unique 16Bit Service UUID (available from bluetooth)
This would allow :

  • If you use a 16bit UUID (available from bluetooth) you can allow for longer local advertised names - The big hint here is , its long enough to use the BLE mac address as the local name to 100% uniquely identify any device BEFORE its been connected to.

Secondly some ideas:
Why does the gateway connect to devices that have the name ‘BLUZ DK’ this seems really really odd, surely it should connect based on the advertised BLUZ Service UUID


All our firmware is open source, and we use the underlying Nordic SDK for all changes. So it would be pretty trivial to modify the advertising packets to your particular needs.

We do advertise a 128 bit service UUID from bluz. I am contemplating changing this anyway as a default, as it would open up a few other items, so I could be possibly swayed to make this change as part of our default firmware :smile:

As for the name/gateway item, this was meant for quickly allowing people to create individual networks for their DK’s. So someone could have a gateway for one project that is independent of the other. Changing the broadcast name and connecting based on that seemed like the simplest way to accomplish that at the time from a users perspective (everything is String and name based). That’s really the only reason we decided to do it that way. From a strict BLE perspective, I agree it can seem a little odd, but it served the user case nicely.


Hey Eric,

Thanks for getting back to me !, and cheers for putting some thought into it !
We use name as a unique identifier of devices (much like it being a beacon) but it allows it to still be connectable from things like phones and other devices.

Id be super keen to hear more about changing the 128 bit service uuid !!!

Thanks again