Max nodes/mesh networking

Hi, tried to figure this out, but wasn’t able to. Is the 8 nodes per gateway thing a hard limit, or is there going to be some way in the future to overcome that? Also what’s the status of the future potential for meshing these? Thanks!

The limit of 8 per gateway is due to the nrf51. The central device can only handle 8 simultaneous connections.

We are working to make other gateway solutions that don’t have this restriction. The apps, for instance, do not have this limit on the number of devices that can be attached. We also have up a bounty for porting the gateway to a other platforms like the Raspberry Pi, which would also not have this restriction:

So there will definitely be ways of using a larger number of device with one gateway if necessary.

As for mesh, that is something we plan to do, but we are still trying to get all the basic requirements shipping, so it may be a while.

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