Max number of Bluz on a gateway


What is currently the maximum number of Bluz that can be on a gateway? Will that number be changing in the near future?

Max number of DK's connected to a Linux/Cross Platform Gateway

The current max is 3. Yes, we hope to increase this in the future. The current limitation comes from two places:

  1. The Photon/P1 firmware only allows a maximum of 5 TCP sockets at once. Each bluz device needs a socket connection, plus one for the Photon and one for the gateway itself. That is where the 3 comes from
  2. There is a RAM restriction on the gateway side, but we think this isn’t a major issue and can be worked around. Each connected DK device currently has a buffer, so increasing the number increases the RAM usage. However, we have plans to mitigate this issue.

So, the first item needs to get fixed, which may lead to special Particle firmware for the Photon/P1. We are still investigating this and it is on the list. The WICED stack should be able to support up to 10 sockets, the Particle firmware just currently restricts it to 5, so things need to be changed and recompiled to test.

Once that is resolved, then we can fix the gateway code to handle it.

I don’t have an exact date for all this yet, but it is definitely one our list. How many devices do you need? Do you have a timeline for when you need an increase?


I don’t have anything specific right now, but continually look at how I can enhance our StarGazer platform (commercial HVAC monitoring) to be more cost-effective. I have envisioned the possibility of reducing field wiring via Bluz devices.


There are some other potential ways of doing this, for example the open source gateway solution from @mumblepins works on a Raspberry Pi/C.H.I.P./Other and has no theoretical limit on how many devices it can connect (practical limits do exist, though I am not sure what it is on the Pi). So it is possible to make a gateway that can handle more devices pretty easily and cheaply if you needed to.