Max number of DK's connected to a Linux/Cross Platform Gateway


Hi community members and Eric,

We know that the Bluz GW has a limit of three DK’s , and maybe if the issue on Particle gets resolved it can go up to 8.
Now for the rasp Pi, do we know what is the practical limit? is it 100? 1000? 10?
any experiences from the field?

@mumblepins Hey Daniel, how many were you able to connect to the GW you implemented on a CHIP or Rasp pi?

thank you!

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The limit is really up to the hardware/firmware stack of whatever device you are using, it is a restriction of how many BLE devices each platform would support. I have not tried to test every limit, but you should be able to search for the number of BLE devices allowed on a particular platform and that should give you your answer.


alright, thanks.
As a side note, from this Flic Hub I see they support at least 60 BLE devices: