Max number of packets per connection interval


Hi @eric … does the bluzDK as Peripheral imposes any limitation on the max number of packets transferred from a Central per connection event? … from some experiments i found that with, using the same Central device, with BLuzDK as Peripheral i can not receive more than 5 packets per connection event, but with other devices as Peripheral, i can receive up to 7-8 packets per connection event. Can it be related to any limitation on the BluzDK device?. In addition, are the max and min values for the connection event length defined in the BluzDK’s firmware? … can they be updated from the Cenrtal Device?. Thanks


Bluz can support the max connections per interval of 7. This value is usually specified by the central, not the peripheral. For example, the bluz gateway can only ever support 1 packet per connection interval, a limitation of the nrf51822. What are you using as a central? How are you verifying the number per connection interval?

As for the connection interval, they are set by the central, but the peripheral can recommend values. You can set this in both bluz DK and our gateways.

You can set it in bluz DK with this:

And you can set the connection interval in the bluz gateway with this:


Hi @Eric, yes, you are right, i have succesfully obtained up to 7 packets per connection event. I have used both a red bear duo and a RPi3 model B as central device, and a BLE sniffer to check the number of packes sent per connection event. Regarding my question about the connection event length parameter, it is not the connection interval, but the min and max length of the connection event, which can determine the number of packets that can be transferred during connection interval. Thanks