Modulo - An awesome new companion for Bluz


Hi everybody. My name’s Erin, and I’ve got a kickstarter going right now for a thing called Modulo. Modulo is a modular electronics system that makes it super easy to build electronics.

In addition to our various Modulos (Illuminated Rotary Encoder, Motor Driver, Color OLED Display, etc.) we have a special base that works with the Particle Photon and yes, also Bluz!

I met Eric at Maker Faire and he suggested that I post a thread here.I was going to post a few photos but it looks like new users can’t do that, so instead I’ll just point you to our kickstarter page where you can find out a lot more:

Of course I’d love you to back our campaign, but mostly today I’m here to connect with you all. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback about Modulo so we can make sure that Bluz and Modulo work great together!