Nano Quadcopter shield


Dear Bluz team congratulations for your successful kickstarter campaign!

I have already backed Bluz on kickstarter. It seems I can not share my pledge picture because it is my first post, maybe next time.

We have developed nano quadcopter shield solution for Spark Cores. It’s exciting to know that Bluz is pin compatable with Spark core. Which means we already have Bluz based nano quadcopter solution.

We would like to port and test our nano quadcopter shield on Bluz, what is the earliest date to have access? At least for the SDK or Bluz firmware?



This is awesome!

How are you using the Spark Core to control? Are you using the standard TCPClient functions? Or the Spark Cloud?

We will support both, the TCPClient class will use the gateway to communicate to the IP endpoints as a proxy. So it is likely that your code may work with bluz as-is. We would love to test these two together, so let us know.



We control and communicate with Spark Core below 2 methods.

  1. Normal controlling mode we are using “standard” UDP class of spark firmware.
  2. Debug mode through UART

Spark Cloud is under testing, due to delay issue Spark Cloud alone can not directly control flight, it’s not completely impossible there will be needed more flight assisting systems but that’s another story.

I have some questions:

  1. How much free space is available for user “application” code?
  2. How much does Bluz firmware uses CPU? ( ARM-M0)
  3. Can we use Bluz without Gateway? For example connecting it to smarphone and control from smartphone?


Sounds good, so the UDP option may work right out of the box.

To answer your questions:

  1. Currently, without any optimizations, there is 52K available in Flash for user code. We expect this to grow before launch since there haven’t been a lot of optimizations done on that yet. It is just the current value. How much do you need? Is this sufficient?

  2. Not a whole lot. The Core spends a lot of cycles checking on the connections and pinging the cloud with data every 15 seconds to let it know it is still online. Bluz is much more event driven. Data from the cloud or other endpoints is only handled when it arrives. So if you power up bluz and hook it to the cloud and then never call it, the MCU is basically doing nothing, it is jut put to sleep.

  3. Yes! We provide smartphone apps for Android and iOS that act as gateways to the Spark cloud. But of course you can also control bluz without our app, or you can take our app and modify it (it is open source). We are going to implement the TCP and UDP classes on bluz in the smartphone apps, so it should be pretty trivial for you to talk through our app from yours if you would like.

Let me know if you have any other questions


52K is fair enought for good flight control, looking forward for your shipping!

PS: Let me know if you could give sneak peak or ealy access to developers :smile:


Yes, please email us at and there may be a way we can work that out. Thanks!