New Firmware Release 1.0.47


Our launch release version of firmware is available in the Web IDE as release-1.0.47. For local compilers, you can access it here:

A quick note about our (perhaps non-typical) naming convention. We are merging in from the Particle branch at semi-regular intervals, however we may not always be up to date with their latest. So, we wanted to reflect the version we are on AND the version of the Particle firmware we are based on.

So, the first two digits are ours. So this is bluz firmware release 1.0

The last number is the Particle version, all smushed together. So this is based on Particle 0.4.7.

Why did we do it this way? I don’t know, it was like 3am when I was finishing this and it seemed like a decent idea at the time :smile:



@eric, what’s the plan for Is that a big leap from


Shouldn’t be much of a leap, just need to merge in the branch from Particle.

Is there any particular feature or item you would want merged in?

0.4.7 is just the last time we merged, and honestly it was probably somewhere between releases since we took it off the develop branch. In the future, we will try and base our releases closer to the release versions. Just in this instance, it was working and I didn’t want to change a lot before we shipped it out the door.