Newbie question: Can you use serial port to read data from bluz gateway?


I’m looking to pick the bluz gateway. Here’s what I’m doing:

The plan is to have an ELM327 Bluetooth reader paired with Bluz Gateway. From there, I’ll use the particle’s firmware to send the ELM’s data over wifi to a client (I already have functioning Websocket code to do this part).

I’d like to know if it’s possible to plug a usb cable from my MacBook pro to the usb port on the particle while using another usb cable to power the gateway? Basically, i want to be able to read serial data off the particle for debugging.

Many thanks!


If you plug a USB cable into the Photon or the gateway shield, it will power the board. You can certainly collect messages from the Photon while it is in gateway mode, we already output debug messages but you could certainly change them.


thanks eric. My amazon order comes in tomorrow. Can’t wait to experiment with it. I’ll be in the clear if i can get bluz to pair to the elm327 reader!

Also, here’s my repo for the websocket code in case anyone wants it