NRF Connection interval


I was reading up on setting the connection interval, potentially to decrease the energy usage. @eric, you’ve said that the interval is set on the gateway NRF, which may be the case for the gateway shield/dongle, but according to what I’ve been able to glean from this Noble thread and the Nordic Q&A, the peripheral requests a minimum and maximum desired interval, and the central can either follow that or ignore it. It appears that likely that most central devices, like iOS (page 22 from here) should follow along with what the peripheral requests.

Since it doesn’t look like Noble at least will support changing the connection interval on the central side anytime soon (primarily for cross-compatibility issues), will it be possible in the future to expose the min and max intervals in the Bluz code? Or is that something that could be changed at compile?


Great question. Yes, we will expose the parameters on both sides. The central can choose to listen to the request or not, it doesn’t have to, and since we control both sides of the connection it is more important for us to change it on the gateway side first. But we will definitely expose the parameter on the bluz side as well.