nRF-Sniffer possible on Bluz DK?


I’m wondering if anyone has tried to convert a Bluz DK to an nRF-Sniffer?

I need something for this weekend, and didn’t get a chance to buy a dedicated sniffer yet. I figured I can backup my Bluz STM and NRF51 images. Then create a USB pass through app that forwards Serial1 to USB and vice versa, and then overwrite the NRF51 image with the nRF-sniffer hex file via JTAG. Just wasn’t sure if Serial1 lined up with the expectations of the nRF-sniffer firmware.


The default firmware images from NRF use their development kit pinouts, so chances are if you use their code without modifying it then it won’t line up with the DK’s pinouts.

However, most peripherals in the NRF51, including serial, can be mapped to any pins. So you can look at our schematic and decide which pins to map the serial lines to in the sniffer firmware.

And yes, once you have that you can just flash it to a DK through SWD and you should be good to go. Wiping out the internal flash is fine, all keys/IDs are stored on the external flash and won’t be lost, so just flash back through bluz firmware when you are done.


Ok cool, so I wrongly assumed everything uses a STM32 :slight_smile: But the external flash on Bluz is a bit in the way of the UART pins. I don’t see any source code for the nRF-Sniffer, so I’d be stuck with the pins they give me, which I’m guessing line up with Adafruit’s BLE Sniffer. I think I’ll switch to something else I want to work on this weekend (so as not to destroy my BluzDK), and just order the BLE Sniffer.