Option to only allow gateway to connect with claimed Bluz's


Maybe this is a weird request. I am running into a scenario where I have a gateway running and I am trying to setup new Bluz’s using my phone. The new Bluz’s are sometimes connecting to the Gateway. I either need to temporarily turn off the Gateway or take the Bluz and my phone and go walk out of range to claim it.

It seems like there is no useful scenario of having an unclaimed Bluz connect to a Gateway because there is no way to claim it in this mode, at least that I am aware of. It would be nice to have an option, or make it so that Gateways only connect to Bluz’s that are claimed.


The way we will solve this is to actually allow you to claim the device when it is connected to the gateway. The console website will be expanded to allow this when we release the next version of gateway firmware.

We are also going to add ways to filer bluz, so a gateway can only connect to bluz DK named ABC and you can then set the broadcast name in the user app of each DK. This will allow you to setup sub-networks of bluz and gateways.

We are shipping out the last batch of Kickstarter rewards today/tomorrow, so we are finally done programming/assembling/packaging shipping hardware! We can now finally get back to working on adding features.