OTA Updates Stall Tentatively Fixed


There has been an issue open for quite a while where OTA updates could sometimes stall, basically just hanging during the process. It was a strange race condition that was extremely hard to narrow down since it was very intermittent and not easy to reproduce.

However, I think that it may not be fixed with 2.2.50-beta.3. You can read more details about it here: https://github.com/bluzDK/bluzDK-firmware/issues/40

So, I am asking anyone who may still see the issue AFTER upgrading to this newest release to please report it here. I have now tested for 48 hours without reproducing the bug, but I would like to hear if anyone else has seen it.

It is pretty easy to identify, if you are doing an OTA update that never completes, and the device didn’t disconnect from the gateway for some other reason, you probably encountered it. The device LED would either stay solid Magenta or solid Off depending on when the issue happened. The update would fail, and after 10-15 minutes the device would reboot.

I am leaving the bug open in the hopes of getting more feedback before I close it, but I am hopeful that it is fixed. Please let me know if anyone sees it again in the wild. Thanks!