P1 to Bluz data transfer


@eric, I’m working on a project that was designed around the P1. We have some interest from other parties about Bluetooth communication. What I would like to do is use the P1 as the main controller (collects data/controls TFT screen etc), and add a Bluz to the board to have the option to communicate to the cloud via Bluetooth.

There would only be allowed one option at a time wither WiFi or BLE. So I would have a switch in my code to say either communicate via P1 or Bluz. If I choose Bluz, the WiFi on the P1 would turn off and then pass information to the Bluz via TX/RX. Otherwise the P1 would communicate to the Cloud and the Bluz would be turned off.

Would this setup work?

Would there be any issues with Co-existence. Would this modules have to get decertified via FCC as an Intentional radiator?


This certainly sounds like it would work fine. If bluz were the chosen option, how would it communicate to the cloud? Would you have a separate gateway (either smartphone, bluz gateway, or other) located in the area?

If only one radio at a time is turned on, there wouldn’t be any interference issues. Both the P1 and MDBT40 (bluz module) are FCC certified, so I don’t believe you would have any certification issues and should be able to treat this device as an unintentional radiator (though I am not an expert on FCC regulations so you may want to check with a testing house to verify).


We would be looking at the below gateway for the Bluz.

For the FCC, I’ve asked below on the Particle site. hfiennes seems to know a lot about FCC.