Pair with Windows Desktop through usb bluetooth dongle


I tried to pair the bluz board with windows desktop, which has a usb bluetooth 4.0 dongle. It can list the bluz, however, when I tried to pair the device, windows always report failed. Do a need an software to make it talk to windows computer?


What version of Windows?

We haven’t explicitly tried this, we currently don’t have any apps or gateway support for Windows. There aren’t any special requirements needed to connect to bluz, though, so it should work with any 4.0 supported device.

What happens on the RGB LED on bluz when you try to connect? Does it change colors/frequency? How long after you try to connect does it report a failure? What is the failure message?


Hi Eric,
I tried on both window 10 and win7. My desktop has a Bluetooth adapter built-in. I tried and it didn’t work. I got an usb Bluetooth adapter from iogear. It did same thing.
Here are procedure.
I power the module on. The green light flash at 2 seconds interval.
After I click “Pair” button in window, it flash faster, about 1 seconds.
After fail, it will stop flash for a while, then flash a purple light at 2 seconds interval.


Bluz is programmed to disconnect after a certain period of time if it doesn’t establish a connection with the Particle cloud. We have added a way to override this in the develop branch, but it isn’t in the main release yet.

What is it you are trying to do? We can probably figure out a way to make it work for our use case.


Same exact issue here -> Win10, one of the latest versions. Do you have a workaround?


We don’t have a Windows 10 app that would bridge the gap from BLE to the Particle cloud, is that what you would like to do?

If you are just trying to connect it, you could use MANUAL mode, but then you would need to leave yourself a way to get back out of the mode if you wanted to update firmware.

Maybe you can share a little more about what you would like to accomplish?


I can write the connection (cloud not required) in a Windows app. I didn’t see info on how to do a manual pairing. I’m doing it through the Win10 Bluetooth Settings page at the moment - and it cannot pair there.


It should connect to any central device, but bluz is programmed to try and connect to the Particle cloud and if it can’t be reached, it will disconnect.

We don’t specifically support Windows and haven’t tested this type of configuration at all, so it would be experimental at best.

What kind of data are you trying to send between bluz and the PC?


I would like to know the manual technique. I work at Microsoft, just received my bluz yesterday, and I wrote the Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino ( and which bridges Windows 10 devices to Arduinos, and Raspberry Pi. The code which runs on an Arduino/Pi fully controls Windows 10. We support Bluetooth (serial), USB, Network + Wifi. I’m currently adding BLE -> using serial.

Win 10 currently pairs to every BLE device, except bluz, even my MetaWear C Module:

Do you have a way I can BLE pair with bluz using Win10 using the common-central-method of pairing to any device? (I can likely code everything after it pairs, but it doesn’t pair).



Yes, it should absolutely pair. We can pair bluz with many central devices, I just haven’t specifically tried Windows. We aren’t doing anything special or abnormal fro a pairing perspective.

You may be interested in the linux gateway that one of our community members wrote, this can run on a C.H.I.P. or Raspberry Pi (and probably others), so this may be a good starting point if you wanted to try this on Windows.