Particle Gateway Code Library Available


One of the pains of setting up the gateway shield was flashing the code to the Particle device. This required copy+pasting to the Web IDE. Well no more!

We have moved the Particle code to a Web IDE library so you can easily select it and flash code without having to copy+paste! You can see the instructions for this new library here:



This looks like a really nice way to get the gateway up and running.

I just got my first shield’s photon online, but the library example doesn’t compile, giving the following error.

gateway.cpp:2:26: fatal error: bluz_gateway.h: No such file or directory
#include “application.h”

I’ve played with Photon’s before, but never used the community libraries so I’m looking for any advice on something I may have missed.

If it’s a bug, I’m happy to help if you can point me to where the relevant code lives.


Does the type of your code look like this:

#include “bluz_gateway.h”

or this:

#include “bluz_gateway/bluz_gateway.h”

It should be the second one. This should have automatically been done if you selected “Use This Example”, but if you add the library manually it may not have. The Libraries are always placed into a folder one directory lower, so you need to make sure that the includes use the correct path.

[SOLVED] Including additional libraries to Bluz DK Code

I am getting the same error and the solution @eric posted is not working. Any other suggestions, please?