Particle Publish not writing first character


I am publishing from a Bluz DK a String with the following format

($$,123, 456, 789,@).

For some reason, sometimes the first “$” is not sent. It is random. So the message received is ($,123, 456, 789,@)

I checked further and in the later case (sending only one $), it is starting the String with ASCII 16 (DLE)?

What may be causing that?


How are you reading the particle event? I am not sure why the first character would be missing, I am unable to reproduce that issue.


Please see below. There are two screenshots from the web showing what I have been receiving. This was later confirmed when I printed the contents of data[0] and data[1]. The 7111, and 5455 are two Bluz units.


Also this:


That looks like the Photon is publishing? Are you sending data to the Photon over local communication and having it publish the data?


Yes @eric. In the figure above, the Photon Gateway receives the data from the Bluz units and then publishes it.

However (not shown in my figures), I checked before when the Bluz was not using the Gateway, and the source of the problem is the Bluz unit not the Photon. In other words the Photon is showing what it is receiving from the Bluz unit.


I believe there is a bug logged that says the first time a bluz DK sends data after it connects, the first character could be missing. Is it only happening the first time after it connects and every time after that is fine?


It happens mainly the first time but I have not observed it enough times …